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October 27, 2015 - Livermore, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Territory & ARA of CA Joint Meeting Hosted by RGW  More...
November 2-4, 2015
NW Rental Conference, Seattle, WA  More...

November 5-6, 2015
CRA Board & Committee Meetings - Seattle, WA

November 13-14, 2015
ARA's Young Professional Conference - Phoenix, AZ  More...

CRA Territory Holiday Parties
December 1, 2015 - San Francisco Bay Area 
December 2, 2015 - Vintage 
December 8, 2015 - Tri-County 
December 9, 2015 - Greater LA/Orange 
December 10, 2015 - Inland

January 4, 2016
Deadline for submitting photos for the 
2014/2015 CRA Event Photo Contest!  More...

January 26-28, 2016
2016 West Coast Rental Rally Trade Show,
Las Vegas, Nevada More...

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Broce Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Jim Grasse for the position of regional sales manager for Broce’s Northwest Territory. Jim brings over 40 years of experience in the equipment rental industry to the Broce sales team. Jim started with Acme Rents in Los Angeles, California, where he moved from an entry-level position to general manager of a four-store operation. In recent years, Jim has held management positions with both Caterpillar Inc. and Volvo Rents.
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CRA's 2016 West Coast Rental Rally Tradeshow is scheduled for Jan. 26-28, 2016, at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since the publication of the September e-newsletter, nine more exhibitors have signed up to exhibit at the show. Thank you to these exhibitors! See the following articles about each of these exhibitors and the products they offer. Click on "Learn More" for more information about the show and to see the complete list of exhibitors to date.
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The Woodward Group, in Glendora, California, is well-known throughout the rental industry as an independent manufacturer’s representative for party and equipment stores. The Woodward Group has represented many companies in the industry, including Anchor Industries, Argo Bag, Blue Ridge Mountain Cookery, Drake Corp., Green Monster Manufacturing, Kwik-Covers and Wenger Corp. The company will be representing products from these companies at the 2016 Rental Rally, including glassware, flatware, porcelain, Glass Caddy’s, and the Trash-To-Cash System. Contact the Woodward Group at (626) 335-6045 or woodward.group@gte.net for more information.

TVH has become one of the most respected names in the material handling industry. They supply more than 7,200,000 replacement parts and accessories for industrial equipment in the U.S. and around the world. TVH offers more than 450,000 stocking numbers and more than 11,000,000 part numbers for over 90 different brands of world and U.S. manufactured industrial vehicles. TVH fills more than 5,500 daily shipments to 21,000 customers and employs more than 4,000 people. TVH is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality service from the initial quotation to final product delivery. Its commitment to service, knowledge and product availability has made them a one-stop-shop for customers and their business needs.
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Best Trailer, Inc. has been manufacturing a line of high-quality, heavy-duty, industrial trailers specifically engineered for the rigorous demands of the rental industry. Its economy trailers are built for the occasional user or homeowner; its pro line is built for the everyday user and for light commercial use; and its rental or industrial line remains its toughest trailer for the extreme user. Ever-growing, Best Trailer, Inc. has added a powder coating department to provide a longer-lasting finish, giving an aesthetic punch to all of its trailers. Now available for commercial and individual customers is the ability to powder coat large gates, fences, awnings and other items. Best Trailer, Inc. also manufactures parts and perform contract manufacturing and private labeling for other industries. Quality is synonymous with Best Trailer, Inc.
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Fred’s designs and manufactures the highest quality tents (including sidewalls, sailcloth tents, custom print tents, and fittings) portable garages, canopies, tent components and accessories, providing business to the rental and event industries and retailers worldwide. The company is known for high-quality products and competitive prices. The company’s growth—it now has more than 40 employees and this year’s catalog of products is just shy of 100 pages—is closely connected to their quick response to customers’ needs and attention to quality. Fred’s Tents repairs tents as well as manufacturing them, giving the company the opportunity to identify areas where tents are more apt to wear and degrade, and then develop ways to address those issues.
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KION North America manufactures material handling equipment and its more than 100 years of experience ensures that the company will continue to provide innovative logistics solutions for customers in the future. KION North America Corporation serves the specific requirements of the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets with a comprehensive, customized and complementary product portfolio. Along with a nationwide sales and service network comprised of around 100 dealers, its dedicated team of professionals is focused on serving customers. Its products stand out not only for their innovative technologies, but also for their low-energy and operating costs.
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Rhino Tool Company manufactures post drivers and pullers, pneumatic drivers to 7" and gas-powered drivers to 3". Maximize your profits with Rhino Tool Company's air-operated post drivers and manual or hydraulic post pullers. Choose from seven post-driver models and two post-puller models.
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American Pneumatic Tools (APT) is a leading provider of exceptional tools for the construction and industrial markets, including hand-held pneumatic and hydraulic tools, compressors, generators, rollers, light towers, hydraulic attachment steel, light compaction, concrete finishing parts, accessories and tool steel. For decades, the APT brand has represented quality, performance and innovation in the pneumatic tool industry. Superior performance, excellent product reliability, competitive pricing, ergonomic designs, and a warranty second to none, are what makes American Pneumatic Tools an industry leader.
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Wacker Neuson provides light and compact equipment for the construction and equipment rental industries. Construction is a demanding industry with constant pressure on margins and performance. Work is not only judged on the final output but the process taken toward completion. Equipment reliability becomes essential to the success, or failure, of each project. From the initial excavation to the final compaction, Wacker Neuson has all the equipment needed to improve both your bottom line and that of your customers.
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Pearson Industries manufactures confined space ventilation equipment and accessories. Its confined space ventilators and blowers have been sourced from high-quality manufacturers. What separates Pearson from the competition is the drive to manufacture its products in the U.S. at its location outside of Chicago, Illinois. A full line of U.S.-made industrial fans is currently in the R&D stage with the intent of providing a superior product which is made in the USA. Currently, its 12" VELOCITY (AC120V, AC230V) and 12" VELOCITY- pneumatic version confined space ventilators are made at its U.S. facility.
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In 2015, CalChamber identified 19 job killer bills and stopped 18 of them from becoming law. On Oct. 11, the last day for the governor to act on legislation sent to his desk, the governor vetoed AB 465 (R. Hernández; D-West Covina), which would have increased litigation, and SB 406 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara), which would have significantly expanded the California Family Rights Act. "We appreciate the governor’s thoughtful approach and attention to the adverse consequences of overly broad legislation," said Allan Zaremberg, CalChamber president and CEO. "These vetoes will help establish the certainty that California businesses need in managing their workforce and will be a positive factor in promoting California job creation."
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A California Chamber of Commerce-supported job creator bill that will help limit frivolous, costly litigation against employers was signed by the governor this month. The governor’s continued attention to fiscal prudence led to vetoes of two job creator bills that contained tax credits and a third job creator bill whose purpose the governor said could be achieved by other means less burdensome to the state.
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The U.S. Energy Information Administration released on-highway diesel prices and weekly retail gasoline prices on Oct. 13, 2015. Click on "Learn More" to see these prices.
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The regulation requires diesel trucks and buses that operate in California to be upgraded to reduce emissions. Lighter and older, heavier trucks must be replaced starting Jan. 1, 2015. By Jan. 1, 2023, nearly all trucks and buses will need to have 2010 model year engines or equivalent. The regulation applies to nearly all privately and federally owned diesel-fueled trucks and buses and to privately and publicly owned school buses with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000 pounds.
What's New: Diesel Particulate Filter Evaluation (May 11, 2015)
In October 2013, the Board directed staff to investigate stakeholder concerns regarding the cost, reliability, and fire safety of diesel particulate filters in on-road applications. Staff provided an update to the Board in April 2014, and a report available online discusses findings from the completed evaluation.
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The small off-road engine (SORE) category consists of off-road, spark-ignition engines below 25 horsepower, including small utility equipment, lawn mowers and weed trimmers. This category does not include compression-ignition engines, watercraft or recreational vehicles. The following includes general information regarding small off-road engines and ARB's SORE program: Small Off-Road Engines Fact Sheet and Certification Guidelines – online access to relevant certification documents for manufacturers.
What's New: August 26, 2015 - The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is forming a working group to discuss emissions mitigation opportunities related to small off-road engines (SORE). If you are interested in participating in the working group, sign up. If you have additional questions, please contact Christopher Dilbeck via email at Christopher.Dilbeck@arb.ca.gov or at (916) 319-0106.
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Owners or operators of portable engines and certain other types of equipment can register their units under the Air Resources Board's (ARB) Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) in order to operate their equipment throughout California without having to obtain individual permits from local air districts.

Portable Diesel Engine Airborne Toxic Control Measure
On Jan. 1, 2013, the Portable Engine Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) fleet emission standards went into effect. The ATCM required owners of portable engines to submit a Fleet Compliance Report to the Air Resources Board by March 1, 2013. The next Fleet Compliance Report will be due March 1, 2017.

Butte and Valley Fires:
Notification within 24 hours of operation is required for portable engines operating equipment where the portable engine is not permitted (if required), or registered in PERP, and the equipment is operating in support of fire-fighting and/or related clean-up activities in Amador and Calaveras counties (Butte Fire) and Lake and Napa counties (Valley Fire). The notification form is available here and should be mailed to the above address, or sent via email when beginning operation at each location.
Drought Related Projects: Notification within 24 hours of operation is required for water well drill rigs, water pumps, or project-related equipment where the portable engine is not permitted, or registered in PERP, and is operating during California's drought emergency.
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On July 26, 2007, the Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted a regulation to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from in-use (existing), off-road, heavy-duty diesel vehicles in California.

A Fleet Average Calculator for Small Fleets has been made available for public use. The Small Fleet Average Calculator is for small-sized off-road fleets (2,500 or less total horsepower) and covers all compliance years. The calculator is available here. Fleet owners utilizing the calculator are advised to first read the User Guide in order to familiarize themselves with the calculator.

Posted September 8, 2015
Report a Non-Compliant Off-Road Fleet page available for public use. Individuals that see a non-compliant off-road fleet or unlabeled off-road vehicles may report the location of those non-compliant fleets or vehicles to ARB for possible enforcement action. Reports may be submitted from the DOORS sign-in page.
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Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program
Intent or Criteria: The $1 billion Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program (Program) is a partnership between the State Air Resources Board (ARB) and local agencies (like air districts and seaports) to quickly reduce air pollution emissions and health risk from freight movement along California's trade corridors. Local agencies apply to ARB for funding, then those agencies offer financial incentives to owners of equipment used in freight movement to upgrade to cleaner technologies. Projects funded under this program must achieve early or extra emission reductions not otherwise required by law or regulation.

Program Status: ARB has allocated approximately $740 million for local agency projects and ARB's administration costs over multiple years. The status of each grant is summarized on the attached June 2015 semi-annual update for the Department of Finance.
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The Truck and Bus Regulation will reduce diesel-exhaust emissions from privately owned and federal government diesel trucks and buses. Privately and publicly owned school buses have different requirements and do not need to be reported. This CARB site has the Truck Regulations Upload and Compliance Reporting System (TRUCRS).
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In December 2011, major amendments to the Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation became effective. The changes to the regulation are reflected in the fact sheets, advisories and answers to frequently asked questions available on the Knowledge Center for the Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation web page. Categories of information found on this page include: Requirements in Effect Now, Enforcement and Regulatory Advisories; Free Training Seminars; and Frequently Asked Questions.
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This area of the Off-Road Mobile Sources website pertains to off-road, large spark-ignition (LSI) equipment greater than 25 horsepower, including farm, construction and industrial equipment, powered by gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other alternate fuels. Typical applications that use LSI engines include forklifts, specialty vehicles, airport service vehicles, large turf-care equipment, portable generators and a wide array of other agricultural, construction and general industrial equipment. The U.S. EPA has sole authority to control new farm and construction equipment under 175 horsepower.
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The ARB's Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program and Periodic Smoke Inspection Program were adopted into law in 1988 to control excessive smoke emissions and tampering from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. The regulations Title 13 CCR, sections 2180-2189 for HDVIP and Title 13 CCR, sections 2190-2194 for PSIP, which govern these programs, were last amended in 2013.

The HDVIP program requires heavy-duty trucks and buses to be inspected for excessive smoke and tampering and for engine certification label compliance. Any heavy-duty vehicle traveling in California, including vehicles registered in other states and foreign countries, may be tested. Tests are performed by ARB inspection teams at border crossings, CHP weigh stations, fleet facilities and randomly selected roadside locations. Owners of trucks and buses found in violation are subject to minimum penalties starting at $300 per violation.
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