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Vintage Territory Meeting - Big 4 Party Rentals LLC, Corte Madera, CA. See for more information.

October 4-6, 2011
ICUEE The Demo Expo - Louisville, KY

November 7- 9, 2011
Northwest Rental Conference - Portland, OR

November 10-11, 2011
CRA Board of Directors Meeting - Portland, OR

January 17-19, 2012
CRA Board of Directors Meeting - Ontario, CA

January 21-28, 2012
CRA RV Campout - Quartzsite, AZ

March 13-15, 2012
CRA Rental Rally Tradeshow - Pomona, CA.  See for more information
March 13 Opening Event
March 14-15 Exhibits

See CRA's Calendar page for more information on CRA's upcoming events.
In an August 29th press release, Case Construction Equipment announced that it has received its third consecutive Silver Award for excellence from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The award recognizes the excellent performance of Case in supplying replacement parts for Case wheel loaders and rough-terrain forklifts used by the U.S. military.
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John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) announced on September 7th that three models in their lineup of 56 kW (75 hp) to 130 kW (174 hp) off-highway diesel engines have been certified as compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Interim Tier 4, European Union (EU) Stage III B and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations. The PowerTech PWX 4.5L and PVX 4.5L engines and the PowerTech PVX 6.8L model below 130 kW (174 hp) join the previously certified lineup of engines above 130 kW (174 hp).
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The Ditch Witch® organization is the only underground construction equipment manufacturer that oversees the design, engineering and manufacturing of virtually every part of every piece of equipment in its comprehensive product line. Now detailed information about all Ditch Witch parts is more accessible than ever on the company's website, reported a September 15 company press release.
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From September through December (depending on the territory), a web-based program, "," will allow many Southern California homeowners and businesses to save on their water bills by logging on and learning how they can retrofit their existing sprinkler system with Toro® Precision™ Series spray nozzles. These innovative nozzles with patented H20 Chip Technology make it possible to achieve distances of throw equivalent to that of conventional spray nozzles, but with up to 30 percent less water usage. At the end of a brief instructional video, customers will receive a voucher good for 25 (residential users), or 100 (commercial users), free Precision Series spray nozzles redeemable at local irrigation suppliers.
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Caterpillar reported in a September press release that it had recently updated its range of Skid Steer Loaders and Multi Terrain Loaders from B2 to B3 series with many significant product enhancements. At the same time Caterpillar also introduced a new Compact Track Loader (CTL), the 259B3. Premium features such as an independent, fully suspended steel undercarriage, aggressive steel embedded rubber tracks, powerful hydraulics and refined operator's station make the 259B3 a durable, versatile machine that works productively in poor soils and harsh environments.
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The California Chamber of Commerce has listed top priority bills and their status as of September 10, when the Legislature began its interim recess. Within each subject area, the list presents bills in order of priority with the highest priorities at the top. October 10 is the last day for the Governor to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature on or before September 10. The CalChamber will publish its final status report, showing the ultimate fate of priority bills sent to the Governor this year, on October 14. The CalChamber also publishes a record of legislators’ votes on key bills affecting the California business climate. This year’s vote record is scheduled to be published on October 28.
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In the closing days of the legislative year, four California Chamber of Commerce-opposed "job killer" bills passed the Legislature. One "job killer" passed the Legislature in June and was vetoed by the Governor on June 28. More "job killer" bills await action by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. The CalChamber is urging members to contact the Governor and ask him to veto these bills. Click on "Learn More" to see the list.
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On September 5th, the U.S. Energy Information Administration released its "Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices." The price chart shows the cost of on-highway diesel in dollars per gallon, including all taxes, for the different regions in the United States. Click on "Learn More" to see current prices.
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This page of ARB's website has information about biofuel production facilities, which was submitted voluntarily by the registrants through ARB’s Biofuel Producer Registration Form. This information includes the facility name, address, and ID number; the CI Values and Fuel Pathway Descriptions; and the Physical Pathway Code. Each biofuel producer has identified the LCFS Lookup Table fuel pathways and CI values that closely correspond with the production processes in use at their facility. All posted information, including the fuel CI values and fuel pathway descriptions, is identified by the facility -- not assigned by ARB. ARB staff reviews applications for completeness and consistency, but assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the posted information. It is the registrants’ responsibility to provide accurate information.
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The On-Road Light-Duty Certification Section is responsible for the certification and production audit of new passenger cars (PC), light-duty trucks (LDT), medium-duty vehicles(MDV), on-road motorcycles (ONMC), off-highway recreational vehicles (OHRV) including off-road motorcycles (OFMC), all-terrain vehicles (ATV), off-road utility vehicles (UV), off-road sport vehicles (SV), and cars (SCAR), and electric golf carts (eGC). The Compression Ignition and Heavy-Duty Certification Section is responsible for the certification and production audit of new heavy-duty engines (HDE) and vehicles (HDV), including urban buses (UB), and new off-road compression ignition (OFCI) engines. Vehicles and engines (hereinafter, vehicles) are not legal for sale in California until certified. Violation of the requirement for certification can subject the vehicle manufacturers and/or selling dealers to enforcement actions including a fine of up to $5,000 per vehicle.
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On July 26, 2007, the Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted a regulation to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from in-use (existing) off-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles in California. Such vehicles are used in construction, mining and industrial operations. On February 11, 2010, ARB issued a delay of the regulation's NOx and PM requirements pending further notice. Reporting, labeling, idling and disclosure requirements are still in effect. The regulatory language and information on reporting and compliance tools can be accessed on the ARB website (click on "Learn More"). For more information, please call the diesel vehicle information hot line at (866) 6-DIESEL or (866) 634-3735.
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This area of the Off-Road Mobile Sources website pertains to off-road large spark-ignition (LSI) equipment greater than 25 horsepower, including farm, construction and industrial equipment, powered by gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and other alternate fuels. Typical applications that use LSI engines include forklifts, specialty vehicles, airport service vehicles, large turf care equipment, portable generators, and a wide array of other agricultural, construction and general industrial equipment. The U.S. EPA has sole authority to control new farm and construction equipment under 175 horsepower. To find out more about the regulatory activities and related information, click on "Learn More."
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This webpage provides information regarding the State of California's Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) for Stationary Compression Ignition Engines. This ATCM, which applies to stationary diesel engines used in both non-agricultural and agricultural operations, is resulting in a reduction in the emissions of and exposure to diesel PM from stationary diesel engines throughout California. This webpage is maintained to provide a single site to obtain information on regulatory notices and advisories, information on the regulatory status and rule-making, public workshops and meetings, and other related information.
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The ARB's Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program and Periodic Smoke Inspection Program were adopted into law in 1988 (Senate Bill 1997) and 1990 (Senate Bill 2330) to control excessive smoke emissions and tampering from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. The regulations — CCR Title 13, Sections 2180-2189 for HDVIP; and CCR Title 13, Sections 2190-2194 for PSIP — governing these programs were last amended in 2007.
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Driving Toward a Cleaner California (DTCC) is a coalition of owners-operators, farmers, construction contractors and other business and community leaders committed to working with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to craft a sensible truck and bus replacement rule that both cleans the air and keeps California's economy moving forward.
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