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The Workplace Safety Gender Gap

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The following information is provided by EPIC, CRA's service valued insurance provider...  According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of fatal work injuries among women rose 12.5 percent in 2014. Still, only 8 percent of all fatal occupational injuries involved women. As in prior years, men accounted for 92 percent of all fatal occupational injuries.

Why is that? First, many of the most dangerous occupations, including roofing and construction, are dominated by men. Women who work in those industries often work in clerical or other less risky positions. 

Men also account for more traffic fatalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that transportation accidents continued to lead the causes of workplace fatalities in 2014. Transportation injuries accounted for 40 percent of fatal workplace fatalities. The majority of these fatalities were caused on roadways involving motorized land vehicles. 

Men tend to account for more driving-related accidents in general, whether work-related or not. Employers can help address this risk by providing driver safety courses and encouraging all employees to attend and by screening anyone who will drive on the job for their driver safety records. For further assistance in improving safety at your worksite, please contact the Programs Department at EPIC, Edgewood Partners Insurance Center, at (800) 234-6363 or visit
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