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Establishing a First Aid Program

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The following information about first aid programs is provided by EPIC, CRA's service valued provider for insurance services... California employers are permitted (under specific guidelines) to directly pay for their FIRST AID claims. This practice may have a positive effect in minimizing the impact on future experience modifications, and reduce the future cost of premiums. 

First-aid, as defined by the California Labor Code and Regulations: 
Any one-time treatment.
Any follow-up visit, for the purpose of observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters or other minor occupational injuries, which do not ordinarily require medical care.

Such one-time treatment, and follow-up visit for the purpose of observation, is considered FIRST AID, even though provided by a physician or by other registered professional personnel.

Examples of First-Aid Treatment:
Application of Antiseptics during the first visit to medical personnel. 
Treatment for first-degree burns .
Application of bandage(s) during any visit to medical personnel. 
Use of elastic bandage(s) during first visit to medical personnel .
Removal of foreign bodies not embedded in eye if only irrigation is required. 
Removal of foreign bodies from wound if procedure is uncomplicated, and is, for example, removed by tweezers or other simple technique. 
Use of non-prescription medications and administration of a single dose of prescription medication on first visit for minor injury or discomfort. 
Soaking therapy on initial visit to medical personnel or removal of bandages by soaking .
Application of hot or cold compress(es) during first visit to medical personnel .
Application of ointment to abrasions to prevent drying or cracking.
Application of heat therapy during first visit to medical personnel. 
Use of whirlpool-bath therapy during first visit to medical personnel .
Negative X-ray diagnosis.
Observation of injury during visit to medical personnel.

Your agent/broker should be familiar with this process and can assist you. They should work with your carrier to help ensure these qualifying claims are classified as first-aid only. To find out more of the what, why and how of establishing your First Aid Program contact your EPIC claims professional.
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