Message from Steve Anthony Colangelo, Candidate for Congressional District 9

In recent days, national Democrat leaders and even California Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton) have refused to speak out against the despicable actions of Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner. By not condemning Weiner and Filner’s unacceptable behavior towards women, McNerney’s silence speaks for itself. Jerry McNerney may think it is okay to look the other way. He may not want to rock the powerful Democrat special interest machine. He may fear that if he talks about it, it will expose the Democrat’s national mantra about a war on women for exactly what it is – hypocritical, one-sided and false. Or maybe he just doesn't care enough to speak up. But I do. 
As a husband and father, it makes me sick to watch what these guys are doing. Sure, they are Democrats, but I wouldn’t care if they were Republicans or Independents or something else. Disturbing behavior is disturbing behavior. Period.

There is no room for these actions in society and there is certainly no room for these actions from public, elected representatives. Some people may be cynical about politics and others may just think all people in politics act like this. I don’t...and it is time we get rid of those who do...and those who lack the courage to stand up for what is right.

In Congress, Filner showed McNerney the ropes. Now McNerney remains silent as his mentor faces allegations of habitual sexual harassment.

Central Valley residents have grown accustomed to Jerry McNerney’s silence on issues important to California’s 9th District, but his silence over these incidents is appalling. By turning a blind eye toward Anthony Weiner and his old buddy Bob Filner, McNerney is sending a clear message that his political relationships are more important than setting an example.
Liberal special interest groups are working hard to protect their advocates. They’re standing with Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner and they’ll stand with Jerry McNerney during this tough campaign.
You can send Jerry McNerney a message that turning the other cheek isn’t good enough. Our leaders should stand on the side of the abused, not the accused. I won’t be silent, I’ll fight for you...and in the process hopefully we can set an example that doing what is right is far more important than doing what is politically expedient!
Will you stand with me today? Can I count on you to help me replace Jerry McNerney with a stand up, commonsense businessman? Please visit for more information and to make your most generous contribution in support of my campaign. Let's tell Jerry McNerney that his time in Congress is up.