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Over 50 Cities Select Toro as Exclusive Provider of High-Efficiency Irrigation Nozzles

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The program has already given out over 170,000 of these low-water use nozzles, which over a five-year span can collectively save more than 1.2 billion gallons of water - enough water to serve nearly 7,500 average homes for one year. The success of the program, which was launched last July through a partnership between Western Municipal Water District (WMWD), Riverside Public Utilities, and Toro's Irrigation Business based in Riverside, prompted many other Southern California water providers to offer the nozzles to their customers this year using the website.

"The positive feedback on our customer support program has been beyond our expectations," said Tim Barr, Water Use Efficiency Manager for Western Municipal Water District. "The simplicity to install and high potential for water savings that come along with Toro Precision Series Nozzles helped us create an easy to understand retrofit program that customers could undertake themselves while helping us meet state-mandated per capita water use reductions."

Toro's Precision Series spray nozzles are available in a wide array of spacings and distances, from 4 feet up to 15 feet. These nozzles take seconds to install and do not require any digging or trenching. Most compelling is the fact that they are designed to work with nearly all manufacturers' spray bodies, making them one of the most sought-after retrofit tools in the irrigation industry today.

"Every morning, day and night I see high-flow sprinklers running, and all I can think about is the opportunities out there to reduce water waste without affecting plant health so that water doesn't end up running down the drain," said Jeff Miller, marketing manager for Toro's Residential and Commercial Irrigation Business. "Precision spray nozzles install in seconds, work on nearly all sprinklers, and have revolutionized the watering of outdoor landscapes similar to the way low-flow toilets, shower heads and compact fluorescent light bulbs have made the inside of homes more efficient."

The program recently received a Best Management Practices Award from the California Municipal Utilities Association, and will resume again in 2012 with additional funding from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. For additional information about this program and Toro's Precision Series spray nozzles, visit

For more information about Toro Precision Series spray nozzles, visit

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